Your Language Service for Industrial Relations

Wir sprechen europäisch - We speak European - Nous parlons européen - Parliamo europeo - Hablamos europeo - Mówimy po europejsku

corporate philosophy

is a young dynamic company that doesn't consider itself to be just another translating and interpreting agency, but also takes the political aspect of the work very seriously. We have been working for trade unions, European Works Councils, works councils and international organisations for many years now and provide a service to colleagues by colleagues!
our customers
are primarily European Works Councils, SE works councils, national and transnational trade unions, political parties, international youth organisations and foundations. As our customer, YOU are at the centre of our attention. Your satisfaction is our goal! We would like to hear from you, so please let us know if you have any special requests, suggestions or questions - we will do our very best to meet and exceed your expectations.
our interpreters
are all personally known to us and not only possess excellent language skills, but have also developed expertise in the field of industrial relations in Europe.
They receive ongoing training and professional development in transnational cooperation between trade unions and companies. Our unique approach means we are able to guarantee the best quality interpreting and translating services:
Our interpreters know what they are talking about!
our contribution
towards developing international trade union structures consists of promoting international youth education. Youth organisations that are committed to transnational youth education and preparing tomorrow's employee representatives today, can rely on our financial support. Furthermore we provide budding interpreters for youth conferences, camps and meetings at an affordable price that fits the budget.
We all have a stake in our future!