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terms and conditions
General terms and conditions for the assignment of interpreters:
  1. Confidentiality:

    The interpreters we engage shall be bound to professional discretion by contract. They shall also be obliged to keep in confidence all the information they may gain knowledge of during closed meetings. The same applies to all the documents that are made available to the interpreters for their work.
  2. Contacts and responsibilities:

    lingua-eu shall be responsible for the connection between all interpreters, translators and the client. Conference documents shall generally be sent to lingua-eu by the client, who shall then pass them on to the interpreters and translators. For conferences, lingua-eu shall assign one interpreter prior to the conference who shall be the contact person for the client for the duration of the conference. The name of this person shall be made known to the client by lingua-eu in due time before the start of the conference. External persons shall not be allowed to work in the interpreting booths as interpreters without lingua-eu giving their approval.
  3. Terms of payment:

    All invoice amounts shall be payable within 14 days of invoice receipt without any deduction.
  4. Cancellation:

    If the client decides to dispense with the services of the interpreters on the dates or conditions stipulated in the quote, the items of remuneration as well as any substantiated expenses which may be incurred shall generally be made payable to both the placement agency and the interpreters who confirmed the date and didn't accept any other interpreting assignments. However, the following ex-gratia settlements shall apply except for any substantiated expenses: In case of cancellation up to 90 days before the start of the conference you will not incur any costs, except for services already rendered and expenses already incurred. From 90 days to up to 60 days before the start of the conference: 30 % of the agreed total plus expenses already incurred and services already rendered. From 60 days to up to 30 days before the start of the conference: 50 % of the agreed total plus expenses already incurred and services already rendered. From 30 days to up to 14 days before the start of the conference: 70 % of the agreed total plus expenses already incurred and services already rendered. Thereafter 100 % of the agreed total plus expenses incurred and services rendered. If an acceptable alternative assignment of the same duration is offered to the interpreter at short notice, or if the interpreter is able to obtain such an alternative assignment elsewhere, he/she shall deduct the remuneration made payable to him for that assignment from the remuneration receivable for the announced assignment. The lingua-eu client shall be credited with this amount. The same rules apply to the use of technical equipment and/or the employment of an audio engineer.
  5. Scope of services:

    The interpreters shall be obliged to render their services to the best of their knowledge. They shall render an interpreting service of the scope agreed upon in writing in advance between lingua-eu and the respective client. The service shall also include diligent preparation for the respective conference on the basis of the conference documents made available by the client and, if agreed upon in advance, adequate services during the non-official part of the meeting (one-to-one meetings, dinners, etc.) The interpreters shall coordinate their schedule to ensure adequate services. All other services in excess thereof such as written translations or interpreting during tourist events will only be rendered if agreed upon in advance between the client and lingua-eu.
  6. Liability:

    Each interpreter / translator shall be responsible and liable for his/her work and for confidentiality. Any indemnity claims asserted against an interpreter (including any fees, court costs, etc. arising) shall be restricted to a maximum total of the remuneration agreed between lingua-eu and the respective interpreter / translator.
    The interpreter / translator is liable in particular for:
    - Intent or fraudulent intent or an explicit guarantee
    - Damages caused deliberately or due to gross negligence
    - For damage resulting from injury to life, body or health due to deliberate or negligent breach of duty by the interpreter / translator
    - For the violation of essential contractual obligations.

    Liability for slight negligence in excess thereof shall be explicitly excluded, as shall liability based on the exact wording of the recording of the interpretation, because an interpretation can never be of the same quality as a written translation.
  7. Preparing the Conference:

    The client shall forward conference documentation and all relevant reference materials in the respective working languages of the conference to lingua-eu or, if such an arrangement has been agreed, to the interpreters well in advance of the conference, however at least 14 days before the conference begins. Conference documentation includes the programme, agenda, proposals, summaries or minutes of the previous meetings reports, presentations, business reports, lists of speakers and participants specifying their official capacity, glossaries of the relevant terminology and directions on how to get to the venue. The client is required to submit two copies of the conference documents per language booth. Multilingual documents shall also be forwarded if available. Lingua-eu/the interpreters shall be provided by the client with a copy of any text that is to be read out during the conference.
  8. Travel Expenses and Accommodation:

    The specified travel expenses (normally second class rail ticket or economy class flight) shall be reimbursed by lingua-eu and added to the overall interpreting fee. Flight and rail tickets shall be accepted as receipts and a copy shall be submitted to the client on request. For travel by private car the current allowance rate is 0,30€ per kilometre. Taxi and public transport fares to and from the conference venue shall be reimbursed against production of receipts. All travel expenses shall be paid by the client. The client shall provide board and lodgings for the interpreters and cover the costs thereby incurred. If the interpreter should have to leave home before 7am on the day of the conference, he/she shall be entitled to arrive the previous day. If the interpreter were to arrive home later than 12am after the conference, he/she shall be entitled to stay at a hotel overnight and return the next day. The costs thereby incurred shall be covered by the client.
  9. Interpreters' Copyrights:

    The interpretation is intended solely for the immediate audition in the conference room. The client is not entitled to make any recording without obtaining explicit consent from the interpreters prior to the conference. All copyrights reserved to the interpreters in accordance with copyright law and provisions of international copyright agreements, as well as with the Revised Bern Convention. The client shall also be liable for unauthorised recording by third parties.
  10. Conference Equipment and Audio Engineers:

    Lingua-eu cooperates closely with professional conference services when organising conference equipment (soundproof booths, portable systems, etc.) and hiring audio engineers. The conference service's general terms and conditions apply and can be supplied on request. The standards for fixed and mobile booths, as well as simultaneous interpreting systems in accordance with the German Institute for Standardisation are stipulated in DIN 56924 part 1 and 2 (or ISO 2603 and 4043 respectively) as well as in IEC914. If the booth provided by the client does not fulfil these norms and recommendations and the consultant interpreter is of the opinion that the quality of the booths and/or simultaneous interpreting systems cannot guarantee a satisfactory performance or is a health hazard, the team of interpreters shall be relieved of their duties to provide simultaneous interpretation until these shortcomings are remedied. The booths shall be positioned in such a way that the interpreters can see the podium/stage, the audience and the screens used during the conference.
  11. Augsburg shall be the exclusive place of jurisdiction.